World Robot Summit

October 17-21, 2018 World Robot Summit 2018 | August / October 2020 World Robot Summit 2020

World Robot Expo

The WRE is an exhibition held along with the WRC robotics competition
and provides a glimpse of the future with robot technology incorporated in society.
Examples of robot introduction being promoted by companies,
organizations and local governments are displayed and calling visitor’s attention to the future of robots.
Side events are also planned, including lectures by Japanese and foreign experts.

Expo illustration

These graphics are posted for illustrative purposes only.
The actual design may differ due to future changes in operational plans.

Visitors will have chance to come in contact with and experience the latest robots at participating organizations and companies’ booth at the exhibition.
There will be also “Regional exhibition” organized by local governments, which will introduce progressive efforts and examples of utilization of robots in local area.

Exhibition Categories (Examples)

  • Industrial Robotics

    (e.g.) Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, and Food industrial robots/ Robot-related technological elements/ Related equipment/ Simulation/ Software

  • Service Robotics

    (e.g.) Nursing, Medical care and Educational robots/ Robot-related technological elements/ Related equipment/ Software

  • Disaster Robotics

    (e.g.) Infrastructure, Disaster Response, and Construction robots/ Robot-related technological elements/ Related equipment/ Software

  • Junior

    Program Course, Assembly Course, Contest, Entertainment

Prior to the 2020 World Robot Summit final,
the upcoming World Robot Summit 2018 in Tokyo
will be held as a "preliminary competition".

The WRE robotics exhibition 2018, held along with the WRC robotics competition 2018,
is now calling for exhibitors.

World Robot Summit 2018

*In conjunction with the Challenge 2018

October 17-21, 2018
Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 6/7/8

World Robot Summit 2020

*In conjunction with the Challenge 2020

Early October 2020 for one week
Aichi International Exhibition Center

Mid-August 2020 for about 3 days
Robot Test Field located in Fukushima Prefecture
(Two of the challenges under the Disaster Robotics Category)

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