World Robot Challenge

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WRC2020 challenge is


"Toward agile one-off manufacturing" This category aims at realizing future manufacturing systems
that can respond to variously changing orders
(ultimately, even an order for a one-off product)
by reconfiguring the system in an agile and lean manner.

Chairperson, Industrial Robotics Competition Committee
Yasuyoshi Yokokohji
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University

Assembly Challenge

Assemble several mode products containing technical components required in assembling industrial products
and other goods accurately and quickly


Partner Robot Challenge (Real Space) The concept is to realize the living environment
where people and robots are able to collaborate.
*We will implement solely Real Space in 2020.
(We have implemented 2 challenges that Real Space and Virtual Space in 2018.)

Future Convenience Store Challenge This is the world first challenge aiming to
realize the future convenience store,
where new services are offered to customers through robotics
that can help reduce the burdens of the employees.

Chairperson, Service Robotics Competition Committee
Hiroyuki Okada, Ph.D.
Executive Director, RoboCup Japanese National Committee
Professor, Tamagawa University, College of Engineering,
Department of Information and Communication Technology

Partner Robot
Challenge (Real Space)

Setting tasks equivalent to housework and making robots that complete such tasks

Future Convenience Store

Making robots to complete tasks (e.g.) shelf-stocking and replenishment multiple types of products such as foods, interaction between customers and clerks and cleaning restrooms


This category considers problem-solving in the areas of infrastructure,
disaster prevention andresponse, and aims to achieve particularly difficult tasks
such as plant disaster prevention and tunnel disaster response using robots.
Building robot-related consensus among people
The world first competition to deal with tunnel disaster

Chairperson, Disaster Robotics Competition Committee
Satoshi Tadokoro
President, International Rescue System Institute
Professor, Tohoku University
President, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Program Manager,
Japan Cabinet Office ImPACT Program

Plant Disaster Prevention

Inspecting or maintaining infrastructures based on set standards
(e.g. opening/closing valves)

Tunnel Disaster Response and
Recovery Challenge

Collecting information and providing emergency response in case of a tunnel disaster (e.g. life-saving, removing obstacles from tunnels)

Standard Disaster Robotics

Assessing standard performance levels (e.g. mobility, sensing, information collection, wireless communication, remote control on-site deployment, durability, etc.) required in disaster prevention and responses


This category will foster a young generation who can contribute to the future
where robots and humans live and work together.

Chairperson, Junior Competition Committee
Dr. Amy Eguchi
Member of the RoboCup Federation Board of Trustee/
Assistant Professor of Computer Science Education, University of California, San Diego

School Robot Challenge

Program standard platform robots to complete tasks that might be useful in a school environment

Home Robot Challenge
[Mini Size]

Develop and program robots that solve challenges to improve our home environments.
[Mini Size]

Home Robot Challenge
[Real Size]

Develop and program robots that solve challenges to improve our home environments.
[Real Size]

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