School Robot Challenge

Team entry for
WRC2020 challenge
(Junior Category)

School Robot Challenge

Program standard platform robots to complete tasks
that might be useful in a school environment


"If you have a humanoid robot at school, what would you want it to do?
What is the role of a humanoid at school?" This is the question that World Robot Summit (WRS)
Junior School Robot Challenge would like to ask you.

WRS Junior School Robot Challenge invites teams of
2-6 students to develop a creative and innovative idea for the use of humanoid robot at your school,
and realize the idea by programming a Standard Platform humanoid robot.
The main objective is to create the robotic demonstration of 5 minutes to show your creative and
innovative idea of using a humanoid robot at school.
This competition is intended to be open-ended.
The demonstration should maximize the capability of a humanoid robot in some aspect of school life.
Teams are encouraged to be as creative,
innovative and/or entertaining as possible to show off your creation!

The competition consists of two parts -
the Workshop where participating teams learn to work with the Standard Platform robot
(teams need to prepare some programs prior to the Workshop),
and the Competition. During the Competition, teams are judged in three areas;
Skills Challenge, Open Demonstration, and Technical Interview.

Pepper, a humanoid robot provided by SoftBank Robotics, is the standard platform robot of School Robot Challenge.
*Developed independently using Pepper of SoftBank Robotics.

photo: Standard Platform Robot (SoftBank Robotics Pepper)


Skill Challenge

There are 4 Skill Challenges. Details will be revealed at the event.

Ex: WRS2018

  • Carry out a conversation with a human by identifying a human approaching Pepper, and using the humans' response in Pepper's conversation, then move to report the conversation to a teacher.
  • Identify and report a person's characteristics including the color of t-shirts s/he wears, the side of the hand that s/he is raising, and his/her emotion shown on his/her face (either happy or sad).
  • Identify three alphabet letters, each displayed on a panel, by moving to the panel one by one, and pronounce the word created with the three alphabets.
  • Move to three different locations, including a location specified by a judge and another where a red ball is placed by a judge.
  • Skill Challenge image
  • Skill Challenge image
  • Skill Challenge image

Open Demonstration

The Open Demonstration is an opportunity to demonstrate the team’s solution and how the tasks are executed. Teams are encouraged to seek out both creative and innovative solutions as well as unexpected and challenging problems to be solved.

Technical Interview

All teams will have a 15-minute technical interview judging during the competition.

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