Participation Agreements

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1. Consent to the Taking and Publication of Photographs/Video

  • Videos or photographs taken of participants and/or robots during the period of the World Robot Summit (WRS) by the WRS Secretariat or promoters, or those designated to do so by the Secretariat or sponsors, may be published on the WRS official webpage or in various other media.
  • Participants' names, employers, team names, sexes and ages may also be included in the aforementioned publication.

2. Exemption from Legal Liability

Program Changes/Cancellations

  • The summit program may be changed or cancelled by the promoters due to unforeseeable natural disasters or other extraordinary causes. In such event, the promoters accept no liability for damages to the match participants or to any other involved party.

Accidents, Injuries/Damage

  • Participants bear all responsibility for personal belongings including notebook computers and robot equipment inside and outside the venue, and the promoters accept no liability for risk of injury, damages, or accidents.
  • Match participants are required to follow all match rules and rules of good conduct, and sponsors accept no liability for accidents, damages, injuries or deaths caused by participants.


  • Participants are asked to use appropriate caution with all personal belongings. Sponsors accept no liability for any theft that may occur during the event.

Handling of Personal Information

  • The WRS promoters and Secretariat will handle all personal information of participants gathered through surveys, etc., in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Information so gathered will be used to improve future WRS2020, such as by improved match planning. No personal information will be shared with 3rd parties or organizations.

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Participation Agreements of Wolrd Robot Summit(WRS)2020

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